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June 11th-

How do you like our new layout? Way snazzy right? Awesome. We got a submit page for you lazy people who don't actually submit anything. So now you don't have an excuse. 

We were thinking about getting a twitter. Would you stalk us if we did?

June 5th-

Myspace? Seriously? You might ask. Yes. Seriously. Just because we like to cast out as wide a net as we can for new talent. Which means yes, we do actually want to profile bands. You know, eventually. We're getting around to it. Right now we're trying to build up the poetry section, and trying to get something that flashes for the homepage. You'd like that wouldn't you? Something that captures your attention and possibly gives little children seizures.

....and we also NEED things to put on here which we don't have to ask permission to post. Because you sent it to us to post. *hint hint* SEND US YOUR SHIT!! 

...not literally. You know what we mean.

June 4th-

Like our new banner? Yeah, it's better than the other one, but it's still horrible. We're working on it.

A poetry section was added to 'The Written Word'(Which was formerly just 'Articles') and....yeah.

We hit 70 fans on our Facebook page. Thanks guys, You rock! Lets try and hit 100 for the end of this month, shall we?

May 26th-

Elizabeth West Photography profile up now in our photography section! check it out!

May 25th-

New ad on Youtube! wanna see it?


Welcome to Rawr, Dinosawr!
As of now this is only a temporary position, as soon as we get enough money we'll make our own domain and can put up whatever kind of smut we want. Unfortunately, We must adhere to the code of conduct of Yola, which means no racy pictures. 
It's really a shame, because EVERYTHING is better with racy pictures. And that's what our mag is going to revolve around, anyways.
So donate and shit, as soon as we raise enough funds we can get to the good stuff.

Rawr, Dinosawr. For the lust-addicted.

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