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We're always looking for photographers, models, vloggers, wannabe porn stars or just plain old writers.(bloggers are writers too.)
You can also send us your quizzes, self taken pictures or artiles on this that and the other thing.

Drop us a line at go to our submit page)

and send us some of your work.
we'll get back to you. believe me.

(Disclaimer) We do not take any credit for the pictures used on this site. If we use one of your pictures, and you would like it removed from our site, e-mail us and we'll take it down.

We would just like to say sorry.

Besides, if we do use one of your pictures, we'll credit you of taking it and all that jazz.(If we don't it was an oversight, send us your name, title and shit. We'll add it.)

...please don't sue us.

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