How's Your Sexual Vocabulary?

If someone regards to you as a 'Cocktease' What are you?
Someone who holds food out of reach of a rooster.
Someone who tickles a male's genitals.
Someone who flirts with a guy and pretends to put out but when the time comes they won't.
A Cocktease. DUH! You just got called that.
A flirty person.

So you popped your cherry. What did you do again?
Snapped your gum?
Did the nasty.
Had sex for the first time.
Well the wee-wee went into the...

Whats a cockblock?
An obstacle.
Its a wall with picture of a cock on it.
Its when you herd all the roosters into one space with one doorway, and then you block it and laugh.
The act of obstructing one person's advances towards another.
A block of a cock.

So you know what that is, then whats a cockblocalypse?
When you're out at the bar and you get cockblocked SO BAD it's like the end of the world as you know it.
A cockblock or cock-blockthat it spells/feels like the end of the world.
Its when killer roosters take over the world. DUH!
Like an apocalypse with cocks?
An apocalypse of cock blocks?

Fap attack?
The sound made when you jack off.
The onomatopoeic representation of masturbation. Often used to suggest that something is attractive.
A sound effect for masturbation used often in japanese comics.
To engage in the respectable (and pleasurable) act of sitting down and reading a good work of literature.

When you bang someone named Doppel.
A pair of sausages.
A pair of sausage-like people.
Well first you clone yourself....
A person who has sexual intercourse with someone that looks identical to them but is not related.

Gay Japanese porn.(male)
Gay japanese porn.(Female)
Gay japanese porn.(Male/Female)
Gay japanese porn.(Male AND Female. On the same body.)
Whats porn?

A REALLY tiny penis.
A hotdog that you found behind the couch.
A nerd.
hahaha.... Thats a funny word.
HA! You thought I'd think it was something dirty didn't you? Its the skin on your elbow. DUH!

When you tease someone with your lips.
A blowjob without putting the whole thing in your mouth.
Talking dirty.
When you tease someone's lips.
Putting on lipstick seductively.

Its in jazz. Scooby-dee-doo-whop.
A scraggly cat.
Sexual practices related to shit.
What 2 girls 1 cup is.
What you DO when you watch 2 girls 1 cup.

A name of a porn star.
The name of a porn star's wang.
Watching porn while your eating a banana.
A banana large enough, firm enough, and yellow enough, to warrant featuring in a full length pornographic film.
Using a banana to get off while filming yourself.

Tat stupid- ass noise that happens when you fuck styrofoam.
A queen reef.
A kind of cracker.
The noise you make every time you see Miley Cyrus.
A vagina fart.

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