May 24th-

Happy long weekend little peoples! 

Lots of new material on the way, a nice little youtube advert-type thing, a couple of quizzes, and quite possibly some articles.

Thank you Elizabeth West photography for being the very first to submit material, we're scrolling through your photos and writing up a little blurb about your work. We're probably going to give ya a whole section on our photography page.

May 18th 2010-

Whats new? New ad, which  makes no sense whatsoever. New section, Charlie Foxtrot, which is Phonetic for 'Cluster-Fuck'. As well as a combination of things, it really is just a cluster of wtf. Cause we cluster our fucks together. Like a mole. Or the way we think. Mostly pictures and videos. So there you go.

New photos in the slut pages and the photography section. We like to give people credit for things. See our contact section for our disclaimer and plea for you not to sue us for using your awesome material.

May 11th 2010-

Newly published article about how much Kristen Stuart's acting sucks goats balls, new pictures in our Eye Candy and photography sections, and a Section called 'Technical Difficulties'. It doesn't have any material yet, but it will.

May 7th 2010-

we have a brand-spankin new photography section. Our first entry is Untitled by Alyx LuckyCharms. 

May 6th 2010-

Like the new layout? Its new.

Take our latest quiz, 'What sexual disease do you have?' in the quizzes tab. 

Its awesome. :)

May 5th(4 in morning)-

After many hours of grueling typing and eye-strain, we present to you our very first quiz. Try it out. (Btw, we mean no offence if we insult you deeply...but seriously, suck it up, it's just a quiz.)

 April 26th 2010-

Newest addition- Eye candy page, with a link to our hot emo guy blog. don't worry, we're still working on getting writers that actually write and models to just be there and you know...model.

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