In My World

Written by: RebeccaMichelle

In My World the skys are blue

In My World there is you

In My World nobody cries

In My World nobody dies

In My World there are only smiles

for thousands and thousandsof miles

In My World the leafs are green

In My World anything can be seen

In My World imagination is the key

In My World everything is free

In My World there is no rain

In My World there is no pain

In My World there is you

and thats all i need to get life through.


Road To Nowhere

Written by: xallxtimexlowx18

Lost in a place nobody knows,

it's your safe haven

where only you go;

because the road to nowhere

always leads you somewhere.


Dead Tears

Written by: daddysliljingles

dead tears
loud screams
get me the hell out of this scene
broken heart
shattered glass
you make me want to kick your ass
black love
dark night
perfect time to start a fight
i hate you so much
more than you could ever dream
i make this life deadlier than it seems
my dead tears fall
my life is clear
im finally able to restart 
to unleash my fears
im free


Written by: Gaaralover121

In this darkness

No one can see

There is no light

And there is no joy

You shall die with one footstep

My sweet sweet silhouette

Your body so fragile

Your mind so weak

Your legs are shaking

Along with your hands

You soon start sweating

And want to scream out

But no one that cares

Will bail you out

You know someone's watching

You know someone wants you

So keep walking forward

And don't turn back

This person that watches

Is hell itself

And you have no clue

That you shall die

No one can hear your screams anymore

No one will care anymore

And I will be the only one who hears

I'm sorry my love

Your blood so sweet

Your struggling so desirable

Your screams so lustful

My love, tonight's the night you find the truth

That we exist

But you found out a little to late.


And sleep tight


Smile Till It Hurts You
Written by: Alyx LuckyCharms

Smile through this
Pretty girl
And give a little
Graceless twirl
We know you're hurt
We know you bleed
But we like your laugh
Thats all we need

And when you're alone
When the mascara runs
When you're done
Baby bring on
The sadistic fun
Let the pain, let it in
Let the heartache seep in
Through broken bones
And torn tendons
Oh if you're alone
Let this mascara run
Let it run, let it run.

Smile through tears of hurt
And cover the burns
Smile with teeth
Chipped and worn down
From grinding your teeth
And sweetheart
Remember to remember
Oh remember to remember
That when you think you're gonna break
And you've what you can't take
And your vision shakes
Hold it together
Hun hold it together.

And when your alone
When the mascara runs
When you're done
Baby bring on
The sadistic fun
Let the pain, let it in
Let the heartache seep in
Through broken bones
And torn tendons

Oh if your alone
Let this mascara run
Let it run, let it run.

Smile through this
Pretty girl
Just smile
Smile till it hurts you

My Loving Death
Written by: Alyx Luckycharms

I'll stand here on top of our world
And watch just how you burn it
'Cause honey you're too beautiful
And you're so cruel 'cause you know it.

So stand too close and scream too loud
Because your noise is intoxicating
You're filling lungs and bursting hearts
And this feeling's so invigorating

Broken arrows halo the ground around me
From cupids burning, noxious bow,
And none of them can miss their mark,
Because I'm looking at you now

And you stare at me, cold eyes that burn
And somehow make me shiver
I know that look all too well
And cupid pulls one from his quiver

Pray to god his aim be true, take a breath
To die alone, or live alone, I'd choose my loving death

My Random Awesome Poem I Came Up With Cause I Was Bored.
Written by: Alyx Luckycharms

I’m lost and I can’t find my way out of this hole;
I can’t seem to get out of this whole thing
is killing me, it’s killing me and I can’t stay away
from you and I can’t stay this abused.

You’re killing me the way you look
The way you breathe;
I can’t help but notice
How you beg and plead
for me to stay and then never say
what it is you need to say,
Just say that you need me to stay
cause I can’t take it much longer;
The feelings getting stronger
and I can’t remember
what I was supposed to remember
and what was I supposed to say
when you came to me that heart broken way
and what was I supposed to do
but hope you’ll hold me
when I hold you.

And if only you could see me now
the way I look the way you smell
I don’t think I can do this
being too near, being all here
is killing me just like you.

And I can’t be what you need
but I’ll never die knowing that you never tried
I will always think that kiss was fire
and you’ll always know what can transpire
into what we need and what we want
and what we have and what we wrecked
and what you lost what we never had

Is what you crave, and what’s the cost?
I’ll pay half and you’ll pay none
and I’ll be spent and dead and done
and you’ll live long ever the lonely one
to take a life and plead the fifth
and do away with another
and it’s really little wonder
as to how you pick prey
from me to them I don’t see much difference
in such deliverance;

and crime is of the hour
and it’s changing like the season
and all I need is an hour
and honest fucking reason
why you kill the ones you love
and burn away the morning doves
that follow you in burning flocks
and why you keep them in your heart
as you rip them each apart

how can you take this perfect thing
and twist it up so bad it’s hurting
me to know how much you will not grow
and how you kill each time you talk
and how you murder as you walk
what you do with what you will
and all the perfect you you’ll kill
a thousand dead and counting more;
a body count of blood and gore.

From you my love my sin
from them that had once made you grin
my deadly little bloodied starling
and as we die, we hear you singing

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